RMP - Environment, culture and sustainable development of cities 

The scope of the planning international conference is focused on the latest solution in urban modeling based on the cultural heritage. The main issue of articles and presentation contains topics focused on environment, culture and politics impact in modern development of cities. The result of the conference will be solutions based on research materials able to designate factors effects on sustainable development in cities. Additional outcome of the conference will be a developed design strategy focused on expansion cultural habitat of future cities.
Main topics of conference:
1. Urban planning and sustainable development of cities
2. Engineering solutions for smart cities
3. Modern technologies and optimisation of urban infrastructure
4. Impact of uncontrolled urban development on the environment
5. Evaluation and impact of scientific and technological developments on the modelling of the cities of the future
6. Legal issues and procedures in relation to planned urban development
7. Problems of urban revitalization
8. Challenges in Cultural Heritage Management
9. Impact of sustainable development of the urban environment on the quality of life of residents
10. Problems of the urban environment compared to the protection of the natural environment